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Consultant Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian

Weight Gain Diets - Weight Gain Dietitian

A completely healthy, balanced and weekly diet plans are made for weight gain. No medicines, supplements are given to the patients .

Dr Neha Agarwal, one of the best weight gain dietitians in Delhi, prescribes a well-balanced diet which helps in gaining weight in a healthy way. She questions you and gains appropriate information about your age, height, lifestyle and eating habits and gets to know your daily need for energy. She then discusses with you the customized diet program which suits your lifestyle and weight gain goals. She also gives you a suitable exercise plan so that the process of gaining weight is easier. Her diets usually start affecting within a week.

Choose the best dietitian nutritionist in Delhi for a healthier path to weight gain. Welcome to the top diet clinic in Delhi, where your well-being takes precedence.

HEALTH CARE INSIDER Happy Patients Are Healthy Patients

Joined for weight loss, pain in knee, irregular in monthly cycle. She has lost 15 kg in 10 months. …

Lalita Sharma (00 Dec 0000)

Joined for weight loss during lactataion and lost 17 kg in period of 5 months . irregularity in periods was no more.…

Ramandeep kaur sayal (23 Nov 2018)

joined for weight loss, increased uric acid, thyriod, bone pains. Ha has lost 31.5 kgs in a period of 13 months.…

Udai sharda (00 Dec 0000)

He joined for weight loss program. He lost 31.5 kgs in a period of one year. he is maintaining weight since lost. …

Puneet oberoi (00 Dec 0000)