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Consultant Nutritionist & Clinical Dietitian

Wellness Program

Food has a very significant role to play in health any illness. It is important to have a well balanced and nutritious diet as not only it helps maintain weight but also to prevent and fight through a number of diseases.

In illness the diet may have to be modified depending upon the disease, the severity of the problem, the nutritional status of the patient as well as the metabolic changes involved. For normal individuals balanced diets to ensure long term wellness are needed.

At Dr. Neha's diet center customized diet plans are made according to the requirement and schedule of individuals to ensure long term health and wellness.

How we help -

We here at Dr. Neha's diet clinic have a dedicated team that includes doctors, nursing staff, paramedical and others that ensure that you receive the proper treatment that you deserve.

All obesity patients are screened via a body composition analyzer. Their BMI and excess body weight including excess body fat are calculated. This is compared against the ideal body fat and weight for their height and age. Realistic target are then set up and steps are taken to achieve those targets.

Diet Plan Therapy:

The patients undergo a session with Dr. Neha Agarwal where they discuss their lifestyle and dietary habits in great detail. Their daily schedule of diet and exercise is evaluated and charted. Faults are outlined in the schedule and a new diet and lifestyle plan is formulated. The diet plan is scheduled on a weekly basis and the progress of the patients is charted. A close and long term follow up is done.

The diet is formulated considering in mind the schedule of the patients and the ease of making/getting the right food as required in the diet plan. Before finalizing any diet plan, the plan is discussed with the patient and changes are made there and then. Under no circumstance is any diet made in a way that the patients feel starved or uncomfortable in any way.

No medicines, strenuous exercises or starvation is ever recommended.

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Joined for weight loss, pain in knee, irregular in monthly cycle. She has lost 15 kg in 10 months. …

Lalita Sharma (00 Dec 0000)

Joined for weight loss during lactataion and lost 17 kg in period of 5 months . irregularity in periods was no more.…

Ramandeep kaur sayal (23 Nov 2018)

joined for weight loss, increased uric acid, thyriod, bone pains. Ha has lost 31.5 kgs in a period of 13 months.…

Udai sharda (00 Dec 0000)

He joined for weight loss program. He lost 31.5 kgs in a period of one year. he is maintaining weight since lost. …

Puneet oberoi (00 Dec 0000)