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Dr. Neha Agarwal

MSc., Ph.D. (Nutrition and Dietetics), Consultant Nutritionist and Dietitician
Specialist in : Weight Loss and Child Heath

Neha Agarwal is a professional nutritionist and diet expert. Her base lies in Delhi and belongs to doctors’ family milieu. Her academic background accounts for schooling from New Era Public School, heading it as captain and earning proficiency certificates in the subjects of physics, chemistry and biology. Graduating with B.Sc Home Science (Hons) from reputed Lady Irwin Collge (Delhi University) and pursuing her post graduation (M.Sc, Therapeutic Nutrition) from Institute of Home Economics (Delhi University). She has been appraised for her best dissertation and distinction in food science and microbiology. Following her dedication to the line of profession, she completed her Doctoral Research (Ph.D) from the well renowned Delhi University, INMAS and AIIMS Hospital under the guidance of Dr. Seema Puri, Dr. Kumud Khanna, Dr. R.K. Marwaha and Dr. Nikhil Tandon. Her intensive research in the area of ‘IMPACT OF NUTRITION AND LIFESTYLE ON BONE MINERAL HEALTH OF SCHOOL GIRLS OF DELHI.’ served as an imperative social intervention.

No Starving Diets, No Monotonous Diets, No Strenous Exercises, No Medicines.

Just eat heathy, to stay healthy

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This video is regarding diet for gymming people. Role of diet during gymming and pre gymming and it`s importance .

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This video tells us about diet for muscle building and weight training . Role if supplements in diet and body building.

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This video is talking about diets for working mothers , men and when people skip their meals . Importance of proper intervals in diet is important.

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This video tells us how to keep stomach in healthy state and how to get flat stomach . What is the role of salt and water in building abs.

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This video is talking about different body building foods either or non vegetarian sources

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HEALTH CARE INSIDER Happy Patients Are Healthy Patients

Joined for weight loss, pain in knee, irregular in monthly cycle. She has lost 15 kg in 10 months. …

Lalita Sharma

Joined for weight loss during lactataion and lost 17 kg in period of 5 months . irregularity in periods was no more.…

Ramandeep kaur sayal

joined for weight loss, increased uric acid, thyriod, bone pains. Ha has lost 31.5 kgs in a period of 13 months.…

Udai sharda

He joined for weight loss program. He lost 31.5 kgs in a period of one year. he is maintaining weight since lost. …

Puneet oberoi

She joined in lactation and lost 18 kgs in 4 months…

Jasleen Arora

i m very thankful to you.who encourage me alot to loose my weight so did i easily reach my goal your diet plan really works alot for me i m so thankful to you. this the review sent by Sukhrit Jhangi who has lost 31 kg in 9 months…

Sukhrit Jhangi